Advanced Sealing
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Advancement Through Innovation

Our staff has been in the rotating equipment repair business for quite some time. We are
always looking for ways to improve the reliability and performance of equipment that we repair
at our shop.

Some of our latest advancements have been in finding better ways to keep steam where it
belongs - inside the turbine!
Brush Seals
CTS Brush Seals - Patent Pending

We manufacture Brush Seals to fit most steam turbines to accommodate shaft sizes of around
three inches. Our Seals are a cost effective solution to reduce shaft leakage in small steam
turbines. We stock seals for most Elliott, and Dresser Rand single stage steam turbines.
CTS Disrupter Seals - Patent Pending

When steam leakage at the shaft is a problem, our "Disrupter" seals might be the answer. The
"Disrupter" is designed to push steam away from your bearing housing, thereby reducing
contamination to your bearings.
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Disrupter Seals
Split Line Sealing
Split Line Sealing

We have a better way of sealing split lines on turbines. We call it "Our Better Mouse Trap". Click
on the link below to see how we seal turbines in our shop.
The Better Mouse Trap - Let
CTS Seal Your Turbines
Using Advanced Methods.

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The Better Mouse Trap
Shaft Sealing -
PowerPoint Presentation
Shaft Leakage in Small
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